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Maine's New Leaders Council Holds Fifth Institute of 2016, Focusing on Strategic Influencing and Leadership


PORTLAND, ME – New Leaders Council of Maine proudly presents its fifth and final Institute of 2016, featuring former non-profit consultant Tom Leonhardt. Additional presenters include NLC Maine co-founder and board member Alex Cornell du Houx and board member Emily Cramer. NLC Maine is delighted to be concluding its’ second annual institute with these accomplished speakers May 14th and 15th.

Tom Leonhardt recently retired from 44 years of working as a non-profit consultant and teacher in Washington D.C. He continues his non-profit work on a volunteer basis by teaching communications courses at the Maine Association of Non-Profits, being a tour guide at the Portland Museum of Art and has served as a board member of the Friends of the Eastern Promenade. NLC Maine is excited to have Tom presenting on the topic of strategic influencing.

Alex will be providing training on leadership skills and Emily will be sharing her knowledge of the grant funding process.

Lastly, the final preparations will be made for the annual fellows’ fundraiser event. This event is scheduled Thursday June 9th at the Planned Parenthood of Northern New England Gallery Space.  Planned Parenthood is located at 443 Congress Street- 3rd Floor in Portland, Maine. More details to follow in the coming weeks-- stay tuned!

Applications to become an NLC Fellow and participate in an NLC Institute in your area are accepted each September. To learn more, please visit NLC's website.


New Leaders Council is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to educating a new generation of leaders and to providing those leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

Find us online at:

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Maine's New Leaders Council Holds Third Institute, Focusing on Economic Law, Policy and Practice


PORTLAND, ME – New Leaders Council of Maine proudly presents its third Institute of 2016, featuring USM Economics Professor Michael Hillard, NLC Maine Board Director Eric Covey, the Maine Development Foundation, various local lawmakers, David Sammarco together with Benn Marine, and NLC Maine co-founder and board member Alex Cornell du Houx. NLC Maine is delighted to host these accomplished speakers in Portland this weekend.

Michael Hillard has taught at the University of Southern Maine for twenty-six years. In addition to receiving his Masters in Economics and beginning his teaching, he has been highly published in the labor history and relations field and has won a variety of awards for his writings. He served as an advisor and main spokesperson in 2009 for the effort in Maine to pass the Employee Free Choice Act. He will be imparting his economics and labor studies wisdom on our Fellows this weekend!

The Maine Development Foundation (MDF) is a private and non-partisan membership organization that urges sustainable and long-term economic growth for Maine. Its strategy is a productive workforce and believes that a productive worker is educated, healthy, innovative, and engaged in their community and the economy. And, similar to NLC, they do this by empowering new leaders, stregthening communities, and guiding public policy with economic research. This weekend, they will be conuducting a seminar on measuring growth.

The public policy workshop and debate will be moderated by Representative Andrew McLean, a local Democrat in Gorham. It will feature various State Lawmakers and Local Electeds.

Lastly, the end of the weekend will be centered towards the annual New Leaders Council Fundraisor. This is a requirement as part of the Fellow training and will be a weekend event in June. More details to follow in the coming weeks-- stay tuned!


Applications to become an NLC Fellow and participate in an NLC Institute in your area are accepted each September. To learn more, please visit NLC's website.


New Leaders Council is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to educating a new generation of leaders and to providing those leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

Find us online at:

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New Leaders Council - Maine


Featuring: Marshall Archer

 By Mae Krieg 

	Marshall	Archer


THIS WEEK’S Alumni Spotlight features the tenacious Marshall Archer, a 2015 Fellow who has transitioned into New Leaders Council - Maine’s  second year as the Selections Director. A man with a lot of history and a lot to say, Marshall adds a crucial element to our team. With one sentence, he explains his love for NLC: “It’s about progress through collaboration.”

I met Marshall for coffee in downtown Portland just after Bernie Sanders left the State Theater. The vibrancy was more than apparent-- it was infectious. Seeing local progressives unite over a common goal felt like the perfect time to meet and discuss NLC.

Marshall began his politically active career in a rather tactile manner, so to speak, by serving in the U.S. Marines from 2001 - 2005. He was deployed to Iraq twice and provided security in the Anbar Province. Upon his return, he helped develop a state law, L.D. 1488, that would allow Maine’s veterans complimentary access to Maine’s State Parks. This law went into effect in 2009, and during this process led him to Alex Cornell du Houx, then a State Representative. Their relationship blossomed quickly, namely through the Truman National Security Project where Alex was a consultant and had been recruiting a class of veterans. This developed into a discussion of New Leaders Council, this time with Emily Cramer as well, especially as the founder of NLC was connected to the Truman project. Conversations regarding NLC - Maine began in 2012, “roughly,” Marshall states, then in 2014 they created the first board.

I wonder what the first class had been like for Marshall, having been so involved with its inception? “We were very vocal,” he replies, smiling. “It was almost easy because we were progressives who all knew each other.” But this time, instead of acting independently, they were coming together under one hub. I ask him what he learned from a group of progressives that already knew each other, and what changes were enacted in this second year’s selection of Fellows.

Like last year, he wanted an engaged class to develop long-term relationships. “However, this year included more diversity in demographics and professions-- we have a scientist even!” He says, grinning over his coffee. This is because the purpose of New Leaders Council is to enhance progressive leaders, but this objective does not have to be so narrow. “Many have different goals. Or, many have common values, such as the environment, but different perspectives. One person could work in health and another in conservation, but their overarching intention is the same,” He explains. With this sundry mentality, New Leaders Council - Maine moves forward into its second year, fortunate to have Marshall Archer on the team.


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New Leaders Council ­ Maine


Featuring: Emily Cramer

                                                                                        By Mae Krieg                                                                                                                                         

Emily Cramer


THIS WEEK’S Alumni Spotlight introduces the first of many, and offers a chance for our amazing alumni to reflect on their experiences with New Leaders Council and share with us, the audience, onlookers, present Fellows and possible future ones, what they learned. It is, arguably, a win-win.


I first spoke with Emily Cramer, a 2015 Fellow who became a Board member this year. Emily, like many New Leaders Council Fellows, does not sustain one main skill or pursuit, but is rather drawn to a more holistic approach to her thinking and professions. She primarily works as the Grants Administrator for the Lerner Foundation and the Betterment Fund in Portland, though she is also a full-time student at the University of Maine School of Law as a JD candidate.  Prior to this, she was the Deputy Finance Director for Eliot Cutler’s gubernatorial campaign. In addition, she volunteers for local nonprofits by organizing fundraisers and writing grants.


2015 marks the first year for Maine’s chapter of NLC and thus Emily’s class set a very strong precedent. She says these first meetings were what set NLC apart for her, and made her excited to imagine her place in that group and their possibilities together. She was first asked by Alex Cornell du Houx, an old friend and co-founder of the Maine chapter to participate in the first NLC Maine class, saying, “it was exciting because no one knew what to expect.” She said the idea of a progressive collective was the most attractive aspect initially, and grew from there.


“Progressives in Maine are more independent in nature but could all work together. New Leaders Council could be a perfect outlet for that,” Emily revealed. “During the interview I asked [the interviewers] questions because I was sick of the divisive politics I usually see. [The candidates and founders] were young entrepreneurs who wanted to find a new and collaborative way to communicate together.” Part of what was so exciting, she also added, was the excitement that generates from not knowing the end result.


Her personal NLC passions that formed? The whole experience was “invigorating,” she said, because the group did make it their own. They discussed heavily the oppression of different people, which remains very important to Emily, and every Fellow in the 2015 class realized much they did not know about discrimination, especially in the workforce. This, she says, was momentum for her to go to law school and take this discrimination divide to the next level. The Fellows worked to train people to realize their own privilege, something Emily intends to further, and how to make change and work towards creating an inclusive environment.


One of her favorite realizations of her time as an NLC Fellow was: “You don’t have to be in politics to be a progressive entrepreneur and make an impact.” Businesspersons, radio broadcasters, and many others have been involved and helped her see opportunities where she never realized existed previously. New Leaders Council inspired her to maintain her relationship with these people, and with her newfound knowledge has stayed as a 2016 Board member.


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Maine's New Leaders Council Holds Second Institute, Featuring the Radio-Host and Political Activist, Richard Fowler of Washington, D.C.


PORTLAND, ME – New Leaders Council of Maine proudly presents Richard Fowler, of the radio program, The Richard Fowler Show, as the speaker and leader of our second Institute this weekend, February 20th and 21st, 2016.

 This month's NLC – Maine Institute highlights the importance of Communication in both our personal lives and our work places. Communication is key to achieving any pursuits in a progressive leaders life and who to help extend this message and help our Fellows achieve this than Richard Fowler? Fowler has centered his life around the importance of the human voice and thus has created a dynamic approach to attaining his objectives. The Richard Fowler show can be described as everything you want in a radio show: both a progressive and fresh approach with a distinct outlook on policy, politics, and the people of this country.

 In addition to his show, Richard Fowler has organized and registered more than one thousand milliennial voters in Florida for the NAACP, has been a campaign manager in Washington, D.C. (where he now resides) and has also, in addition to our team, has been an advisor for minority, female, and younger candidates. He serves as the Interium Director of Generational Alliance, a liberal youth engagement organization. Previously, Fowler served as the Policy and Advocacy Director for the Young Democrats of America for almost five years, and in 2012 was a delegate for the Democratic National Convention, representing Virginia. Need we say more? We are so happy to have Richard Fowler joining us this weekend!


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